Gould House: Holidaying at home

Louise & Craige are local business owners with two teenage children. They purchased their block with a view to building a Queensland style resort home in Albury, as they loved holidaying at Noosa. Their idea was to build the dream home and then holiday at home! Here is their story.

What motivated you to build?

We had built in the same estate and that had been a good experience. Unfortunately we hadn’t spent enough time understanding what we needed from a home and we basically outgrew it. I’m a professional voice-over artist and I had been working in a wardrobe with blankets hanging on the walls. I wanted a studio and voice-over booth for myself. Also, we love to entertain and we wanted to create a pool and detached pool house, to form an extra living area. When a block of land came up for sale in the area, double the size and offering great views across the city we bought it. We were eager to build again and ready for the next challenge!

How did you come to choose Scott James Builder?

We spoke with two other builders, one of them even taking us through to the full design stage. Unfortunately, it just didn’t hit the mark and we lost interest.We heard of SJB as a local builder passionate about sustainable design. We contacted Scott who happened to know our block, as he would often walk his dogs by it! We wanted our home, pool and some landscaping done all at the same time. Not a lot of builders offer that service, but SJB did. We sat down with them and went through all of our criteria and it felt like the right fit straight away. The took all of our ideas and pictures onboard and I remember being concerned that maybe we hadn’t given enough information, but they read us so easily! The design they presented to us six weeks later is very close to the home we are now living in!

What was your experience of the building process?

It was extremely efficient. They kept in constant contact with us and made us feel like we were their best clients! I found out later that’s how each client is always dealt with. During the process they came up with some alternative ideas and approached us with them. This included a large picture window in the entry foyer and some changes to the landscaping. It required spending a bit more money but it was explained how it would impact the overall feel and design and we trusted them and proceeded. Now that we live here we understand. SJB had the vision of our home before we did.

Speaking of vision, I would joke that if we had to go out of town for an extended period, I could happily leave Scott to choose all the fittings, colours and lighting! He manages to wear the builder, designer & interiors hat very well. We had never come across that before.

What is your favourite thing about your home?

There are many, many favourite things about our home! The overall layout and design makes it a very easy home to live in. Our children have their wing with bedrooms, ensuites and a rumpus that allows them their own space. We can also section this off once they eventually leave home.

Our pool house certainly is a favourite place to entertain or relax and having it detached from the home with bi-fold doors makes it a winner all year round. The pool with two wet edges can be seen from many points in the home making it a standout feature. When you’re swimming you can look through the windows of the home to the views of the city beyond. This is amazing at night. The polished concrete floor throughout (even into the showers) gets commented on often by visitors.

What would you tell others looking to build?

Aspect is extremely important. If you can afford to, don’t choose a design from paper. Work with your block, its size and shape. Have an idea of the overall style of your home. Put together pictures to convey your ideas. Think about your life and family in five years, ten years. Try and imagine you and your children older and what will be needed. Think ahead.

Find a builder who is passionate about their work. Ask to see their work and possibly meet a previous client. They will give their first hand experience which can be invaluable. Let the builder guide you (but ask lots of questions along the way). They are the professionals. Work together as a team to create your dream. We have learnt so much from SJB who held our hand throughout providing us with our favourite forever home.